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Creative Director / Designer
John Doe

Casey R Crandon

Welcome to my site. I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer, Artist, and ESL Teacher. I started out young as an artist drawing, painting and creating anything I could with my hands. After making the jump into the digital age and studying Graphic Design. I have made my possibilities limitless. Being an English teacher provides me with the extra long vacations to dabble with different medias or just try something new. While I'm usually teaching full time I still like a challenge or two to keep me fresh. Generally all of the work I do is for friends or friends of friends. I like to work with people on a personal basis to help bring their ideas to life. So if you know me or were told about me by a friend, or would just like to work with me. please feel free to tell me about your idea or project and your estimated budget. Then we can go from there.

Digital Experience
Jane Helf

Design Skills

I have studied technics and used graphic design software since 1997 when I studied at a Career Tech-Center during my junior and senior year of high school. After that, I studied a career in visual communication (graphic design) at American Intercontinental University AIU . where I excelled in the use of the adobe suits including (adobe photoshop, illustrator, indesign, dreamweaver and flash). I have used these programs to create things such as (flyers, business cards, posters, photo touch ups, ads, corporate images, logos, ESL manuals for technical careers, web design, and animations). On top of all of these basic graphic design skills I have always been interested in video editing. I have used programs such as (Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects, LiveType, Soundtrack Pro, iMovie, and Windows Movie Make) to create (commercials, ads, short films, and promotional videos). As I am a Graphic Designer and not a coder I sometimes use the assistance of a professional programmer to achieve the desired results, yet I defend myself very well in (HTML5, CSS, and CSS3). Remember that this is just a brief description of my design abilities and skills and I am always up for a new challenge.

Multi-Talented Artist
Joshua Insanus

Artistic Abilities

I started drawing conceptually detailed drawings at a very young age. As art runs in my family on both sides it came very easy to me. I took part in all of the offered classes in the area of art in high school and more. Learning to use multi media to create basically anything I could imagine. After High school I got into contracted painting for interested clients. I painted signs, paintings, bedrooms, and large scale murals for (businesses, restaurants, hospitals, and private clients). All of these abilities allow me to develop much more than the typical graphic designer, who may have the software knowledge, but lack the ability to create without the assistance of a computer program. During the advancements in technology I became interested in photography. It started out as a hobby and then turned in to a passion and finally a job. I have been contracted to do small photo shoots such as (Baby Showers, Baptisms, Individual Babies and Children shoots, Private Parties, and other events). I use a SONY Alpha NEX-7. with a E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS Power Zoom Lens to capture the desired moments for myself and others. I like this camera because it is a compact Alpha which is light and you have the ability to switch between funcations and settings live, without going in to any menu to do so. It is like going back in time to the old 35mm whcih had no menu and was fully manually adjusted. If you are interested in setting up a shoot with me I would be glad to give you a quote. Just send me a message or give me a call.

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